Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Western education system which we follow now does not suit our system of wisdom and knowledge. However, as this system prevailed in Bharat for centuries, this influenced our system of education.
I have not seen any scholar who mastered the Shastras having studied under4 western system of education in Bharat. But at the same time Shastras have been transferred to date by the Bharatian System of Education, which was time-tested and foolproof. Let me come to the point directly, what we have to do at this juncture of transit.
1.       First, we have to make an effort to study scientifically and prove that our system is superior to the present one. For this, we have to undertake a study observing the outcomes of both systems by adopting Experimental Study and show to the world that our system is superior.
2.       We must start Modern Gurukul based on ancient Bharatian Gurukul system to impart comprehensive education providing an opportunity for modern subjects.
3.       We can expand the scope of prevailing Gurukuls one that is run at Hariharpura, Koppa, Sringeri, Karnataka.
4.       We can think of creating entre of excellence in traditional Shastras with true spirit, which was thought of originally at Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati and strictly adhering to the plans and proposals and norms of the original proposal.
5.       We can fund or sponsor such system which is run under Parental System of Education i.e. a boy studies under his father or maternal uncle etc.
6.       We can create a sort of Gurukul Study under the prevailing system of education in IITs, IISc, IIIT, IIM etc., where3in the students will undertake their studies under a Professor (Guru) and proceed in his studies.
7.       A centre of Sanskrit and Science could be established to provide a platform for interaction among Sanskrit scholars and Scientists.
8.       In the same way Centres of Excellences in various fields could be established.
9.       Instead going for specialization in some subjects at Degree level and even at PG level, we can adopt a system of comprehensive education for general stream, as it was in vogue in ancient period.
10.   We must introduce a sort of increasing or inculcating appreciation capability of the learner.
11.   We must roll back to ancient system of mastering the Shastras/Subjects on texts and theories
12.   A system of foolproof evaluation that is based on open debate must form part of evaluation instead of adopting present wholly depended upon objective or subjective evaluation.
13.   The present system of preparing learners for the jobs should be discontinued and a system of understanding and thinking should be introduced, unless this is done the present would continue and no change is possible, as the present system is created by the British or Westerners for fulfilling their job needs.
14.   A sort of combining modern technology assisted education is to be imparted, in which I succeeded teaching Vakyapadiya THROUGH Computer Assisted Teaching and result was astonishingly positive.
15.   We must prepare a teaching community which is dedicated and teaching-oriented and learning-facilitated.
16.   I can on enumerating such things which I am experimenting partially and observed success, though not proved scientifically.
Let us not sitting idle and thinking over ways and means of success, instead start somewhere and get involved in the process that will lead us to success. After all being a human we learn through committing errors,  so that we do not commit errors of obstacles for success.


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