Sunday, February 14, 2016


Here is a scene from Bhustuti of Svami Vedanta Desikan.
पत्युर्दक्षिणपाणिपङ्कजपुटे विन्यस्तपादाम्बुजा
वामं पन्नगसार्वभौमसदृशं पर्यङ्कयन्ती भुजम्।
पोत्रस्पर्शलसत्कपोलफलका फुल्लारविन्देक्षणा
सा मे पुष्यतु मङ्गलान्यनुदिनं सर्वाणि सर्वंसहा भूस्तुतिः-32॥
Here in this Shloka Svami Desikan romantically describes the position of Bhudevi on Varahamurti. 
Desikan brings the picture live before us.Bhudevi rests both of her lotus feet on the lotus-like right palm of Sri Varahurti. Her cheek is near to His cheek. Varahamurti embracec her with His left hand. This intimacy of her cheek with the cheek of Varaha makes her to experience horripilation. Desikan concludes "Let Bhudevi feeling excitement in the proximity of Varahamurti bless me (us) with auspiciousness everyday. 
On this अनङ्गदिवस let all of us (married) enjoy proximity of each other with commitment and love.
Those who want to read the whole Bhustuti here is the link