Sunday, January 18, 2015


Pedagogical Aspects in Rik Pratishakhya

See, How the Rig Pratishaakhya describes pedagogical aspects of the Teacher & the taught. The Teacher should teach being a Brahmacaari (at the time of teaching). Whom the Teacher should teach? The pupil who is devoted to the Teacher and the Study is to be taught.

How they be positioned? The Teacher should sit facing East, North or East-North. How the disciples be positioned? If there are One or Two learners then they should sit on the South. If there are so many learners they can sit as per the availability of space and convenience.

Then the learners should touch the feet of the teacher and having their hands on their head, they should pray the teacher that they are ready for learning. The teacher should reply by chanting OM with three Maatraas. Both the teacher and the learner should feel that they are in an auspicious duty.

Do not mix up the previous lesson with the later one.

Then the teachers shall begin teaching having recited OM.

When starting Prashna (a part of Rik), the teacher should start from the student who is on the south.

Teacher shall recite the word with all udatta svara twice. (For general instruction, the teacher shall repeat the content wherever there is a chance for doubt).

If the teacher recited two or more words, the student at the south direction has to recite first, then the other students. However, in this rule, there seems liberty as this rule is only for the south Indian teaching as explained by the commentator and for other parts of the country any student can recite first followed by the others.

Before seeking clarification the student should say first “Sir” then he shall seek clarification. Once the clarification is over, the student should pronounce “Om Sir” conveying that clarification is over.. See the difference when seeking clarification, first “Sir”, at the end “OM Sir”.

During teaching, the teacher should utter one word if it is a compound one, or two words if it is non-compound.

Thus, in this order, the students recite that part repeatedly. 


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