Friday, July 24, 2015



सितासिते सरिते यत्र सङ्गते तत्राप्लुतासो दिवमुत्पतन्ति । 
ये वै तन्वं विसृजन्ति धीरास्ते जनासो अमृतत्वं भजन्ते ॥

This verse is treated as Rik Mantra by Tirthachintamani. But, this is not found in RV. However, few recite this Mantra after RV.10-75. Few opine that this belongs to Rig Veda Khilapatha. However, this verse is found in Skandapurana.

Meaning of this verse : There two Rivers one is white in colur and the other is Block in colour. (They are known now as Sindhu and Kumbha (modern-day Kabul) Who having taken bath in that Sangama will go to heaven. There they leave their body and become immortal.


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