Sunday, February 1, 2015


Let me present a humour in Sanskrit through a CaaTu Shloka –

There lived a priest who had four daughters and a son. He was a poor man; anyhow he managed to get married her daughters to Four Youth namely, Bhuti, Vibhuti, Subhuti and Mahabhuti. After marriage all the four son-in-laws stayed in their father-in-laws house and enjoyed there with all facilities. The priest was suffering from low income and could not afford the son-in-laws expenditure. So he worried. His son witnessed all this got an idea of getting them out of his house.

So, first he stopped serving Ghee to them. Having observed this first son-in-law felt insulted and left the house. Other three son-in-laws did not leave the house even then after stopped serving Ghee to them. So, he made another trick and stopped serving side dishes. Feeling insulted, the second son-in-law left the house. Even after this, other two were there still enjoying whatever served. The Son got an idea and stopped serving rice to them. Having insulted by this, third son-in-law also left the house. The fourth one still was there drinking milk, water etc. Now the son got annoyed with this. Hence, he directly warned him if does not leave the house he will be beaten showing his fist. At last the fourth one Mahabhuti also left.

Thus the priest is saved by his son. See and enjoy the Shloka now –

घृताभावाद् गतो भूतिः विभूतिर्व्यञ्जनक्षयात् । 
सुभूतिर् ओदनाभावात् महाभूतिस्तु मुष्टिभिः ॥

घृताभावाद् = without Ghee, गत: = left, भूतिः = son-in-law by Bhuti. विभूति: = the second son-in-law by name Vibhuti, व्य​ञ्जनक्षयात् = without side dish (left). सुभूति: = the third son-in-law by name Subhuti, ओदनाभावात् = without being served rice, (left). महाभूतितु = but the last son-in-law by name Mahabhuti, मुष्टिभिः = by showing fist only (left).


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